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Twitter Bootstrap Intro

An Introduction to Twitter Bootstrap.

What is Twitter Bootstrap?

1. Bootstrap is an opensource frontend framework developed by Twitter. It is very easy to setup and enables user to quickly develop webpages using its CSS and Javascript components.

2. It enables developers to create UI components like Menus, Lists, Buttons, Forms, Modals, Breakcrumbs, Alerts, Tabs, Carousel etc. Without having to start coding from scratch.

3. Powerful UI features can be included into the webpage by simply using its CSS and Javascript Components.

Why Use Twitter Bootstrap?

Speed of Development : The most Striking feature of the bootstrap is the ease of using it, you can quickly develop webpages with great UI using its CSS and Javascript components without having to write thousands of Lines of Code.

Open-Source : Bootstrap is an opensource project, maintained by the Web Community. Its scaleable and can be customized to suit developer's design needs.

Responsive : Bootstrap is responsive to screen of various sizes and resolutions.

Standardised and Stable :Stable Versions of Bootstrap are begin released regularly such that the Webpages remain consistent through out