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Twitter Bootstrap Glyphicons

To Use glyphicons for button , navbars and other components

Twitter Bootstrap: Glyphicons

1. There are around 200 glyphicons available which can be used to on buttons, navbars , lists and other components of the bootstrap.

2. All the icons must be within a base class and must use individual icon class to use a particular glyphicon.

3. The glyphicons cannot be added directly to other components, instead element <span> must be used .

4. To add a glyphicon use class .glyphicon and specify the particular type using the class .glyphicon-*, here * denotes the type.

Example: Twitter Bootstrap Collapsible Accordion

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Twitter Bootstrap: Glyphicon Types and Sizes

1. The glyphicon can be used in buttons , toolbars and navigations of various sizes. Icons adapts relative to the size of the buttons automatically.

Example:Twitter Bootstrap Glyphicon types and sizes.

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