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jQuery Mobile : Introduction

Setting Up jQuery Mobile, learn how to obtain jQuery Mobile and add it to HTML Document

jQuery Mobile: Setup

jQuery Mobile belongs to the family of jQuery and jQuery UI, hence there is a lot of similarity and common patterns with these libraries.

The latest stable version of jQuery can be downloaded from its website , a zip file containing the latest stable version can be downloaded.

Also, jQuery Mobile can work only with the jQuery, the latest stable version of jQuery can be downloaded form .

jQuery Mobile : Creating a Theme

jQuery Mobile also supports a theme framework call ThemeRoller which can be used to create new themes.

jQuery Mobile package comes with a default theme, but you can assign a custom theme as well using

The themeroller tool outputs a zip file containing CSS files with custom style rules which is to be included in your Web Document.

But, we will use the custom theme for most part of the tutorial.

jQuery Mobile : Installing

Installing jQuery is easy, you just need to have four files in directory from which you serve the webpages.

For using jQuery Mobile on your website you need to have following files in the directory linking to each webpage

1. The jQuery File you got from

2. The jQuery Mobile JavaScript Library file downloaded from

3. The jQuery Mobile CSS styles file downloaded from

4. The jQuery Mobile Icons file (images folder) downloaded from

Else you can also use A Content Distribution Network(CDN) which is a network of servers, it host the Jquery file (or any other file) and then delivers the file to the user via the server closest to the client's system.

Example: jQuery Mobile - Setting up Resources

Give it a TRY! » Note: Its better to use CDN, since it reduces page load time.