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jQuery Mobile : Introduction

An Introduction to features of jQuery Mobile and its potential applications

What is jQuery Mobile ?

jQuery Mobile is a new and simple UI framework to create cross platform Mobile Web application.

jQuery Mobile is a JavaScript based library, built upon jQuery as base, to develop touch friendly user Interface for web applications.

jQuery Mobile is used to create mobile application that can be viewed on almost all kinds of devices.Eg: mobile phones, tablets, ebook readers and desktops as well.

jQuery Mobile can be used to create a unified experience for users on all kinds of browsing devices.

jQuery Mobile Allows webdesigners and developers to create a rich mobile experience using a simple framework which is easy to implement and scaleable as well.

jQuery Mobile : What can I Learn from the Tutorials?

You can learn jQuery Mobile from ground up to pro level.

We will learn the difference between jQuery Mobile and other web development platforms, walk through practical examples of jQuery Mobile features, widgets and events.

Learn about jQuery Mobile Core Features : Page Structure, Navigation, Form Elements, Lists and Grids.

jQuery Mobile API themes, Data Attributes, Methods and Events.

jQuery Mobile : First jQuery Mobile Page

Here is a your First jQuery Mobile page, created using jQuery Mobile JavaScript and CSS resources with jQuery as the base.

Syntax: jQuery Mobile : First jQuery Mobile Page

Give it a TRY! » Note: jQuery resources must be used for all jQuery Mobile pages