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jQuery Mobile : Getting Started

Getting Started with jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile: Basics

Earlier we learn all about the jQuery its features, installing procedures, approach and Overview.In this tutorial how to use jQuery using some basic templates

There are actually two types of templates for using jQuery Mobile, each has its share of advantanges and disadvantages.

Then we will explore the how jQuery Mobile use the semantic markups to create an optimized mobile experience, and the entire navigational experience of jQuery Mobile

Also, we will learn about the transitional effects like popping up of dialog Box and other effects uisng jQuery Mobile.

jQuery Mobile : Basic Page Template

In the Demo Below, we make create a basic template consisting of HTML5 markups and jQuery Mobile specific attributes and CSS asset files (i.e files with extensions .js and .css)

Example: jQuery Mobile - Basic Template

Give it a TRY! » Note: It a Basic template comprising of Header, content and footer.

jQuery Mobile: Multi-Page Template

jQuery Mobile allows you to embed multiple pages in a single HTML document, this enables the user to pre fetech multiple pages at once thus achieving quicker Response times while loading sub pages.

The procedure to create multipage Template is similar to the one used to create Single Page Template, except the second page is appended after the first page.

Syntax: jQuery Mobile - Multi-Page Template

Give it a TRY! » Note: The Second Internal Page is linked to the First page using an ID