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jQuery Mobile : Icon Reference

Learn how to use jQuery Mobile to create Select Form Fields.

Table: jQuery Mobile - jQuery Mobile Layout Grid

Names Class Icon Demo
Action ui-icon-action Try It »
Alert ui-icon-alert Try It »
Arrow Downward ui-icon-arrow-d Try It »
Arrow Down Left ui-icon-arrow-d-l Try It »
Arrow Down Right ui-icon-arrow-d-r Try It »
Arrow Left ui-icon-arrow-l Try It »
Arrow Right ui-icon-arrow-r Try It »
Arrow Upper ui-icon-arrow-u Try It »
Arrow Upper Left ui-icon-arrow-u-l Try It »
Arrow-u-r ui-icon-arrow-u-r Try It »
Audio ui-icon-audio Try It »
Back ui-icon-back Try It »
Bars ui-icon-bars Try It »
Bullets ui-icon-bullets Try It »
Calendar ui-icon-calendar Try It »
Camera ui-icon-camera Try It »
Carat Downward ui-icon-carat-d Try It »
Carat Left ui-icon-carat-l Try It »
Carat Right ui-icon-carat-r Try It »
Carat Upper ui-icon-carat-u Try It »
Check ui-icon-check Try It »
Clock ui-icon-clock Try It »
Cloud ui-icon-cloud Try It »
Comment ui-icon-comment Try It »
Delete ui-icon-delete Try It »
Edit ui-icon-edit Try It »
Eye ui-icon-eye Try It »
Forbidden ui-icon-forbidden Try It »
Forward ui-icon-forward Try It »
Gear ui-icon-gear Try It »
Grid ui-icon-grid Try It »
Heart ui-icon-heart Try It »
Home ui-icon-home Try It »
Info ui-icon-info Try It »
Location ui-icon-location Try It »
Lock ui-icon-lock Try It »
Mail ui-icon-mail Try It »
Minus ui-icon-minus Try It »
Navigation ui-icon-navigation Try It »
Power ui-icon-phone Try It »
Plus ui-icon-plus Try It »
Power ui-icon-power Try It »
Recycle ui-icon-recycle Try It »
Refresh ui-icon-refresh Try It »
Search ui-icon-search Try It »
Shop ui-icon-shop Try It »
Star ui-icon-star Try It »
Tag ui-icon-tag Try It »
User ui-icon-user Try It »
Video ui-icon-video Try It »