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jQuery UI : Tab Events

Learn how to use jQuery UI Tab Events

jQuery UI : Working with Events

jQuery UI Tabs widgets provides a rich set of events which can be used to add callback functions to perform different types of tasks.

The table below shows a list of events which are triggered on specific actions and can accept executable functions.

Table : Jquery Tab UI Events

Events Description
add Event is fired when a tab is added
disable Event is fired when a tab is disabled
enable Event is fired when a tab is enabled
load Event is fired when a tab's remote data is loaded
move Event is fired when a tab is moved
select Event is fired when a tab is selected
show Event is fired when a tab is shown
tabs("load") To load the contents of a tab
tabs("url") To alter the URL of the remote tab
tabs("length") To return the number of tabs in the widget
tabs("abort") To abort all active Ajax requests
tabs("rotate") To make the tab widget to cycle through the tabs

jQuery UI Tabs: Select Event

jQuery UI Tab Event of select is used to call back a function, we have also used beforeActivate callback to create a new element in jQuery using p Element.

The Callback function is provided with two argument, first is the original event object second is the custom object containing useful properties.

Example: jQuery UI Tabs - Select Event

Give it a TRY! » Note:The name of the callback function is provided as the value of the beforeActivate property.