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jQuery UI : AutoComplete Method

Learn how to use jQuery UI AutoComplete Methods to control autocomplete process.

jQuery UI : Auto Complete Widget

jQuery UI autocomplete feature supports a number of methods which can be used to control or manipulate the autocomplete process.

Most of the methods are same as those for other jQuery UI Methods except for methods of search and close which are used to explicitly sstart and end the autocomplete process.

Table : jQuery UI AutoComplete Settings

Settings Description
autocomplete("close") To close the autocomplete Menu
autocomplete("destroy") To remove the autocomplete feature from the input element
autocomplete("disable") To disable the autocompletion process
autocomplete("enable") To enable the autocompletion process
autocomplete("option") To select one or multiple autocompletion options
autocomplete("search" , value) To trigger autocompletion using the specified value.

jQuery UI AutoComplete: Search and Close Methods

jQuery UI AutoComplete methods of search and close are used to begin and end the autocomplete process

In the Demo, we have added button elements to set up different autocomplete method calls.By pressing buttons C and A you pass the selected characters as the search value.

Example: jQuery UI - Search and Close Methods

Give it a TRY! » Note:You can close the autocomplete widget by pressing the close button.