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Jquery Reference

Learn to use jQuery events that are triggered by Form Event

jQuery Events: Form Events

jQuery has a set of methods to use and handle Form related events.

Table :

Methods Description
$.each(collection, callback) To Iterates over collection, executing callback for each item.
$.extend(target, additon, ....) To modify the object target by adding properties from the other supplied objects.
$.grep(array, callback, [invert]) To filter array by using callback as a test.
$.makeArray(object) To convert object into a array.
$.map(array, callback) To construct a new array consisting of the result of callback being called on each item.
$.inArray(value, array) To determine whether value is in array.
$.merge(array1, array2) To combines the content of array1 and array2.
$.unique(array) To removes any duplicate DOM elements from array.

Table : Object Introspection

Method Description
$.isArray(object) To determine whether object is a true JavaScript array.
$.isEmptyObject(object) To Determine whether object is empty
$.isFunction(object) To Determine whether object is a function
$.isPlainObject(object) To determine whether object was created as an object literal or with new Object.
$.isNumeric(object) To determine whether object is a numeric scalar value.
$.isWindow(object) To determine whether object represets a browser window.
$.isXMLDoc(object) To determine whether object is an XML node.
$.type(object) To get the JavaScript class of object.

Table : Others

Function Description
$.trim(string) To Remove whitespace from the end of string .
$.noConflict([removeAll]) To reverts $ to its pre-jQuery definition.
$.noop() To function that does nothing
$.now() The current time in milliseconds since the epoch
$.holdReady(hold) The stop the ready event from being triggered, ot releases this hold.

Table : Properties of jQuery Object

Property Description
$.support() To return an object containing properties indicating whether the browser supports various features and standards.