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Learn to use HTML5 to create Webpages

Tutorials: Learning HTML5

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Webrowsers can interpret and display webpages in HTML5 format.

HTML has set of elements can be used to create specific sections of the webpage.

Your knowledge of the HTML will expand as you grow through the Tutorials, Examples and References.

HTML is very easy to learn and apply, you need not be a programmer or a student of Computer Science, all you need is good browser and a code editor.

Why another website?

1. There exists many resources for learning HTML/CSS etc on the Web.But none of it seems to cover the subject completely(i.e from beginner to pro level).

2. Here is an attempt to teach you every thing about Web Development from ground up to pro level.All modern specifications and applications in a user friendly way.

Who this resource is for?

1.Tutorials Park is aimed at anyone with an intention to learn web development from basics to professional level.

2.There is no pre requisite to use this resource.A clear and receptive mind is all you need.

3.Using the resource completely you can make a transition from being a novice in web development to a complete ninja.

How to use the resource?

1.A good browser(Google chrome, mozilla firefox, safari etc. But not Internet explorer) is all you need to learn webdevelopment on this website.

2.You are provided with a code-editor and a dynamic preview to try and edit all the examples yourself.No notepad editor is required.

3.Go through all the tutorials and try all the examples yourself to understand the workings.

4.Go through all the reference contents to explore all specifications and standards in great detail.

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