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CSS quotes Property

To set the type of quotation symbols for generated Contents

Definition and Notes.

1. The CSS quotes property is used to generate quotes automatically without them being physically present in the HTML markup.

2.You can use the HEX codes to display various types of quotation symbols for generated content.

Tables: Hexadecimal Quote Symbols

Hex Code Symbol Description
\2018 Left Single Quote
\2019 Right Single Quote
\201C Left Double Quote
\201D Right Double Quote
\201E Double Low-9 quote
\00AB » Left Double angle Quote
\00BB « Right Double angle Quote


CSS quotes property. internetexplorer safari firefox opera chrome

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Note-Use the hex-codes given in above table to generate various types of quotes

Property Values

Value Description
none No quotation marks are produced.
[<string> <string>]+ To specify one of more pairs of value for open-quote and close-quote. The first pair represents the outer level of quotation, second pair represents next nested level, third pair represents third level and so on.
inherit The child element inherits the properties of the parent element.


Specs Value
Name quotes
Value [<string> <string>]+ | none | inherit
Initial Value Depends on the browser
Applies to all elements
Javascript syntax" '\2018'"
Inherited No
Computed Value Same as declared Value
Browser Support internetexplorer safari firefox opera chrome

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