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CSS letter-spacing Property

To set the amount of space between letters

Definition and Notes.

1. The CSS letter-spacing property is used to set the amount of whitespace in between the character boxes of text.

2. The values can be Negative length and percentages values are allowed, to keep the letters in a close bunch together. The default value is zero.


CSS letter-spacing property. internetexplorer safari firefox opera chrome

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Note-Tracking refers to the spacing between letters in a word, kerning refers to the spacing between individual letter pairs in a proportional font.

Property Values

Value Description
normal No space in between the letters. Its the default
length To set the letter-spacing using length values(px, pt, cm, em)
inherit The value for letter-spacing is inherited from the parent element


Specs Value
Name letter-spacing
Value [normal | <length> | <percentage>]{1,3}
Initial Value normal
Applies to all elements.
Javascript syntax"10px"
Inherited Yes
Percentages Refer to the width of the Unicode space glyph(U+0020) of the element's font face
Computed Value For length values, the absolute length; otherwise, normal
Browser Support internetexplorer safari firefox opera chrome

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