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CSS border-collapse Property

To specify the display style of borders on adjacent table cells

Definition and Notes.

1. The CSS border-collapse property determines whether the borders of the cells of a table are displayed as seperate or collapsed

2. By default, the table and each of its cells have independent borders. These borders can be merged into one by setting the value to collapse .


CSS border-collapse property. internetexplorer safari firefox opera chrome

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Note- For CSS2.0 version the default value was collapse, not its seperate

Property Values

Value Description
seperate To Instruct the browser to use the seperated border table model.Its the default value.
collapse To select the collapsing border model. The values for border-spacing and empty-cells gets ignored
inherit The values are inherited from the parent element.


Specs Value
Name border-collapse
Value collapse | seperate
Initial Value seperate
Applies to Elements with a display value of table or inline-table.
Javascript syntax" collapse "
Inherited Yes
Computed Value Same as declared Value
Browser Support internetexplorer safari firefox opera chrome

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