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CSS3 Values Reference

A Reference of all CSS Values.

CSS Keywords

1. Many CSS properties accept values as keywords, and just like properties , values are case-sensitive as well.

CSS Keywords

Values Description
inherit The child element inherits the properties of the parent element
initial The value of the property is set to its initial value.

CSS Length Values

1. CSS length units are supported on all Browsers

CSS Relative Length Units

Value Description
em In CSS, 1em is equivalent to the default size of the character box, 2em is a size twice the default size. Its used to set relative font sizes.
rem To set the size in em, but relative to the root element only.
ex Half an em in most browser.(refers to the x-height of the font)
ch Its the width of a single zero in the current font-family and size.
vw The width of the viewport.
vh The height of the viewport.
vmax To set height or width of the viewport, whichever is larger.
vmin To set the height or width of the viewport, which ever is smaller.

CSS Absolute Length Units

Value Description
in Inches(in).
cm Centimeters(0.394in).
mm Millimeters(0.039 in)
pt Points(1/72 of an inch or 0.353mm).
pc Picas(12 points or 4.233mm)

CSS Angles

Value Description
deg Degrees
grad Gradians(1/400 of a turn)
rad Radians
turn Turns(360 degrees).

CSS Time Units

Value Description
s Seconds
ms Milliseconds(1/10000 of a second)

CSS Percentage Units

Value Description
% Values are expressed as a number immediately followed by a % symbol

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