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CSS Text Overflow

Use CSS control the overflow of text that is too long to fit into the available space.

CSS Text: word-wrap



1. CSS property word-wrap enables the browser to handle conditions where the word is longer than the width of the containing block.

2. The possible value for word-wrap is as follows:

normal The word is not broken even when it overflows the containing element. Lines break only at normal break points

break-word The word is not broken. Lines may break at the arbitary points if no break point is found

Example: CSS Text - word-wrap

Give it a TRY! » Note: It can be used for long scientific terminologies which should be read as a single word.

CSS Text: text-overflow

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1. For condition where in the text overflows the container you can decide how to clip the overflowing text using text-overflow

2. The value of text-overflow can be

clip : Clips the text when it overflows the box.

ellipsis : The overflowing text is denoted with an ellipsis.

Example: CSS Text - text-overflow

Give it a TRY! » Note: Latest versions of all browsers support CSS property of text-overflow .