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Material Design Lite (MDL) is used to add the typical Material Design look and functionality to your Websites.

Material Design Lite (MDL) is developed by Google to create an unified user experience across all sorts of devices and platforms

Your knowledge of the MDL will expand as you grow through the Tutorials, Examples and References.

MDL is very easy to learn and apply, you need not be a programmer or a student of Computer Science, all you need is good browser and a code editor.

Examples using the Dynamic code editor

All Tutorial Example codes can be edited and the result can be viewed within the section on the left hand side.

Example: MDL Example : Hello World

Give it a TRY! » Note: MDL Card is created using MDL classes and additional CSS classes.

MDL Reference

There is list of References for MDL Components, Icons, Fonts and Templates.

MDL Reference Links

MDL Introduction

MDL Styles

MDL Icons

MDL Colors

MDL Badges

MDL Buttons

MDL Cards

MDL Layouts

MDL Grids

MDL Tabs

MDL Footer

MDL Progress Bar

MDL Spinner

MDL Menus

MDL Sliders

MDL Checkbox

MDL Radio Button

MDL Icon Toggle

MDL Switch

MDL Tables

MDL TextFields

MDL Tooltip