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AngularJS combines the best features of server end development to enhance the HTML elements on the Client Side.

AngularJS can be used to create web based application with varying levels of complexities, and single page application with high level of funtionality and features.

Your knowledge of the AngularJS will expand as you grow through the Tutorials, Examples and References.

AngularJS is very easy to learn and apply, you need not be a programmer or a student of Computer Science, all you need is good browser and a code editor.

Examples using the Dynamic code editor

All Tutorial Example codes can be edited and the result can be viewed within the section on the left hand side.

Example: AngularJS Example : Display Name

Give it a TRY! » Note: The demo above, displays your name based on the input provided by you

Angular JS : Introduction

AngularJS Introduction

AngularJS Download and Setup

AngularJS - Application Anatomy

AngularJS - First Application

AngularJS - First Application - Advanced

AngularJS : First Application - Filters, Ajax

Angular JS : Modules

AngularJS : Modules and Components

AngularJS Modules : Controllers

AngularJS Modules : Directives

AngularJS Modules : Filters

Angular JS : Directives

AngularJS Directives : Introduction

AngularJS Directives : Data Binding

AngularJS Directives : Template Directives

AngularJS Template Directives

AngularJS Show Hide and Remove Elements

AngularJS Classes and CSS styles - Odd Even Class

AngularJS Event Handling

AngularJS Special Attributes

Angular JS : Forms

AngularJS Directives : Introduction

AngularJS Directives : Data Binding

AngularJS Form Validation FeedBack

AngularJS Form Directives Attributes

Angular JS : Controllers and Scopes

AngularJS Scopes and Controllers

AngularJS Controller Organisation

AngularJS Multiple and Scopeless Controllers

AngularJS Updating the Scope

Angular JS : Filters

AngularJS Filters: Single Data Values

AngularJS Filters: Collection Filters

AngularJS Filters: Single Data Values

AngularJS Custom Filters

Angular JS : Advanced Directives

AngularJS Directives : Custom Directives

AngularJS Directives : Complex Directives

AngularJS Directives : Directive Templates

AngularJS Directives : Directive Scopes

AngularJS Directives : Transclusion and Compile Functions

AngularJS Custom Form Elements

Angular JS : Services

AngularJS Modules and Services

AngularJS Services : DOM API Global Objects

AngularJS Services : Exceptions

AngularJS Services : Dangerous Data

AngularJS Services : Expressions and Directives

AngularJS Services : Ajax Services

AngularJS Services : Promise Services

AngularJS Services : View Services

AngularJS Services : CSS Animations

AngularJS Services : Touch Services

Angular JS : Reference

AngularJS Directives Reference

AngularJS Service Reference

AngularJS Function Reference

AngularJS Filter Reference

AngularJS Misc References