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AngularJS Service Reference

Learn how to use AngularJS service References to handle exception arising during execution

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Name Description
$anchorScroll When used it scrolls to the element specified by the hash or to the current value of the $location.hash()
$animate Enables usage of a variety of DOM utility methods that provide support for animation hooks.
$cacheFactory Factory to construct Cache object and then gain access to them.
$templateCache When a template is used for the first time, it gets loaded in the template cache.You can aslo load template directly into the cache in a script tag, or by making using the service $templateCache directly
$compile To Complie an HTML string or DOM into a template function, which later can be used to link the scope and template Together.
$controller To create controllers.
$document To create a wrapper for browser's window.document object
$exceptionHandler To handle any undetected exception within an angularJS Expression.
$filter Filter service to format data displayed to the user.
$httpParamSerializer Default $http param serializer that converts object to string based on certain rules.
$httpParamSerializerJQLike To manage open attribute, and used with details element.Normally, when an attribute is removed the associated information is lost as well.But ngReadonly directive cannot be removed by browser and hence provides a permanent and reliable space to store binding information
$http The service $http facilitates communication with the remote HTTP servers using the browser's XMLHttpRequest object via JSONP.
$httpBackend HTTP backend is used by service that delegates to XMLHttpRequest object or JSONP .
$interpolate Service Compiles together a string with markup into an interpolation function.
$interval A Wrapper for window.setInterval. The function fn is executed every delay milliseconds.
$location Used to Parse the URL in the browser address bar based on the window.location.
$log Service used for logging, the message is written into the browser's console.
$parse To Convert Angular Expression into a Function
$q Service is used to run funtions asynchronously, and then use their return values.
$rootElement The root element of AngularJS Application.
$rootScope Service used for root Scope
$sceDelegate $sceDelegate service is used by $sce service to provide Strict Contextual Escaping(SCE)
$sce $sce service is used to provide Strict Contextual Escaping
$templateRequest This service runs security checks and then downloads services using $http, and on success stores the result within $templateCache
$timeout To set a timeout.
$window To make use of the brower's window serice.