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Angular JS Introduction

Learn how to use Angular JS Framework and some Basic Introduction

What is AngularJS ?

AngularJS FrameWork provides some of the best features of server-side development which can be used along with HTML to create feature rich applications quickly and easily.

HTML generally is used to create static webpages, but AngularJS framework can be used to create dynamic application.

With AngularJS you can introduce HTML elements with custom attributes that have a special meaning.Eg: a new HTML Element element <tab> to create a Tab, or an element <drag> to create a Draggable.

All AngularJS applications are build using a Design pattern called Model View Controller(MVC) which essentially is used to create application which are easy to extend , maintain and compatible(standardized)

What is a FrameWork?

A Framework is essentially a Supporting Structure , AngualarJS is much beyond just a Framework, but it provides features and tools to structure and create dynamic Applications with much ease.

While developing a dynamic and feature rich application some kind of a framework is always needed, a good framework like AngularJS has a large user base and hence can be used by other who inherit the code to maintain and extend.

Frameworks are used by almost all programmers to reduce the complexities and speed up the development cycle.AngularJS is easy to learn and implement.

What are the Features of AngularJS?

The Popularity of AngularJS is due to following compelling features , making developers choose it over other Frameworks

1. Birectional Binding

AngularJS provides two directional binding, i.e data is automatically synchronized between your View(i.e HTML codes) and Model(i.e JavaScript Variables)

In AngularJS different components are binded to specific models, when one of the model values undergoes a change the view is automatically updated and vice-versa. Hence reducing the load to write DOM manipulation codes.

2. Well Structured Front End Codes

Generally client side code is written without much care for structures and patters, since the client browser has to execute the code, but as the application becomes complex, maintaining and extending it becomes a troublesome task.

But using AngularJS you can create a good looking, well structured , easily extendable and testable code in very less time, without worring about maintaining and other legacy issues.

3. AngularJS Directives to create New HTML Elements

AngularJS is used to make HTML elements perform tasks that are not supported natively, done by introducing new elements/attributes and defining properties for them.

Eg: So to create a droppable you can create a new element called <droppable> and use it in HTML code. Thus making the task of creating an UI simple and fast.

4. Support for Routing

AngularJS can be used to create Single Page Applications(SPAs), which load content asynchronously on the the same page and reflect the change by changing the browser URL instead of redirecting to other pages.

A good Example of SPAs can be Twitter, which loads new content asynchronously without redirecting elsewhere.

SPAs can be created easily using AngularJS, you can even create multiple views using different URLs, and when requested the AngularJS will load the specific view.

5. Easily Testable and Embeddable

AngularJS provides great support to enable end to end test, thus enabling you to detect and fix bugs quickly and easily instead of using specific softwares.

An AngularJS Application can be embedded within other applications a well, also AngularJS code is not responsible for obtaining its dependencies, instead its dependencies are automatically injected using a dependency injection container.

Thus making each individual component loosely connected to each other and the tester can test each of the component individually.

6. A Growing Userbase and Community with Google Support

Community Support is essential for a new Technology to be fully adopted, and that the best part of AngularJS.

Currently developers of GOOGLE maintain the AngularJS code, hence reliablilty is not an issue, and its undergoing a rapid development, with each new version of the code.

AngularJS is open Source and can be downloaded and improvised as per user requirements.It has an ever increasing userbase and is becoming a an industry standard.