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AngularJS Function Reference

Learn how to use AngularJS service References to handle exception arising during execution

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Name Description
angular.lowercase To convert the specified string into all lowercase
angular.uppercase To convert the specified string to all uppercase
angular.forEach Invokes the iterator function once for each item in the collection.
angular.extend Extends the specified destination object dst by copying own enumerable properties form the src object to dst
angular.merge Function to merge multiple objects
angular.noop A Function to perform no operations.
angular.identity A Function to return the first Argument.
angular.isUndefined To Determine if a Reference is undefined.
angular.isDefined To Determine if a reference is defined
angular.isObject To Determine of the reference is an object.
angular.isString To Determine if the reference is a String
angular.isNumber To Determine if the reference is a Number
angular.isDate To Determine if the reference is a Date.
angular.isArray Determine if the reference is an Array
angular.isFunction To determine if a reference is an Array
angular.isElement To determine if a reference is a DOM Element.
angular.copy To create a copy of the source, which can be an object or an array
angular.equals To determine if the two object or values are equivalent.
angular.bind To return a function which calls function fn bound to self
angular.toJson Function is used to Serialize input into a string in a JSON format.
angular.fromJson Function is used to Deserialize a JSON string
angular.bootstrap Function is used to start up the angularJS application manually.
angular.reloadWithDebigInfo Function is used to reload the current application with the debugging information switched on.
angular.injector Function creates an injector object that then is used to retieve services as well for dependency injection
angular.element Function is used to wraps a row DOM element or HTML string as a jQuery Element.
angular.module A global space used for creating, registering and retrieving Angular Modules.