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AngularJS Function Reference

Learn how to use AngularJS service References to handle exception arising during execution

Table: AngularJS - Filters Reference

Name Description Try IT
filter To Select a subset of elements from an array and return the result in a new array. Try»
currency To Format a number as a Currency. Eg (10 to $10). Default currency symbol is $, but localization is available as well. Try»
number To format a number as a Text Try»
date Formats date to a string based on the specified Date Format. Try»
json When applied , converts a JavaScript object to a JSON String Try»
lowercase To convert string to all lowercase characters. Try»
uppercase To convert string to all uppercase character Try»
limitTo When applied , creates a new array or string comprising of only specified number of elements. Elements are taken either from the start or send of the source array. Try»
orderBy To order the specified array based on an expression. It creates an order alphabetically for strings and numerically for numbers. Try»